Customized business analysis solutions deliver a multitude of invaluable corporate benefits, helping companies in every industry make deliberate modifications that drive process improvements, streamline communication, and optimize initiative results. A business analyst (BA) serves as an internal agent of change, evaluating vital intelligence data sets to eliminate internal operational silos as well as bridge the gap between IT and various other departments and stakeholders. Most importantly, a skilled BA can identify potential procedural risks; they can quickly leverage targeted business transformation services to systematically suggest, manage, and facilitate mission-critical adjustments that accelerate goal attainment and corporate growth.

Does Business Analysis Make Sense for Your Organization?

Are you considering working with an outside business analyst to ignite change and process improvement within your company? Not all are created alike, making it important to recognize the mark of a qualified analyst. Understanding a few essential techniques and service differentiators can help expedite the selection process and ensure you choose a business partner capable of delivering results without hindering current team momentum.

A proficient business analysis team will:

Want to Understand the Big Picture
A business analyst should establish an extensive understanding of your organization’s core functions, current internal processes and technologies, and strategic goals. They will use this big-picture comprehension to develop an in-depth and customized initial assessment of existing strengths, weaknesses, and potential threats.

Identify Specific Solution Tasks and Responsibilities
After evaluating your current practices, an effective BA will leverage their full-scope insight to develop a comprehensive initiative outline with specific goals and clear deliverables that are actionable, meaningful, and replicable. A successful analyst will align resources and ownership tasks to keep the team moving forward toward the project’s ultimate final resolution.

Develop a Customized Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Yes, your chosen business analyst will collaborate with you to identify a team of stakeholders for each specific initiative. However, an adept analyst won’t stop there. A skilled and experienced resource recognizes that there are limitations to using the same set of stakeholders on every initiative and will work to identify team members beyond the usual project scope as needed. They will work hard to unite the “right people at the table” to expand dynamic input and growth opportunities.

Deliver a Team Approach
Using an external BA means you’ll typically enjoy a centralized, single point of contact throughout the project scope to answer questions, resolve conflict, and keep your initiative on track for completion. Beyond your designated project lead, you should also have an entire team of resources working together on your initiative, serving as your one-source provider of project managers, business process improvement specialists, and technologists throughout each iterative phase.

Have Unlimited Technology Options (aka Status Quo, Who?)
It’s not unusual for business transformation services to utilize one or two specific technology suites when developing partner strategies. However, you should never have to endure a force fit based on their “go-to” digital tools. Good business analysts stretch beyond their professional comfort zones to continuously challenge the technology status quo used within their deliverables. They will constantly research and test new systems, applications, and platforms to ensure their clients receive a customized solution specifically aligned with the needs and goals of their project for optimized efficacies and final results.

Business Analysts drive results with your project team, shepherding the process. He or she will produce specific deliverables custom fit to your project, such as:

  • Assessment of strengths, weaknesses and potential threats
  • Roadmap of specific goals and clear deliverables that are actionable, meaningful, and replicable
  • Resource recommendations and ownership tasks
  • Research and testing of systems, applications, and platforms to ensure alignment with the needs and goals of the project
  • Thorough documentation of project steps and decisions made

InfoWorks business analyst solutions help companies in every industry increase strategic operations across multiple corporate campaigns to drive overall efficacy and organizational growth. Contact us today to hear more.

About Laura Buchanan MBA, BSN, RN

Ms. Buchanan is a Registered Nurse (RN) with 39 years of professional experience. She serves as a director with a focus on technology projects utilizing her clinical, management, business, and technical consulting experience. She has extensive experience with clinical transformation, workflow analysis, process design, vetting software options, data analysis, and implementing EHR systems.​

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