Data & Analytics Consulting

Our data analytics consulting services focus on implementable, customized solutions. From data and analytics strategy to the development of big data projects, the InfoWorks team is built to meet your comprehensive data and analytics consulting needs.

Our data science and analytics consultants can help you unlock the potential of your business data by providing strategic insights and implementation expertise, so you can make data-based decisions that drive real growth.

Data & Analytics Strategy & Approach

We help develop enterprise data strategies for organizations that are just starting on their data and analytics journey, for those already performing advanced data science efforts, and those somewhere in between. Our data consultants can help you utilize data for informed decision making, driving growth, or data monetization. Utilizing technical and non-technical aspects of analytics maturity progression, we facilitate the attainment of higher levels of success for your organization.

Data Delivery, Visualization, & Storytelling

Sharing data, insights, and visualizations to the appropriate individuals enables smarter decision-making. Data should be communicated correctly and clearly to facilitate understanding and quick action, with data privacy and security as key factors in delivery. Our data visualization consulting services equip you to capitalize on the full value of your data.

Data Architecture, Engineering, & Management

Organizations need to steward their data well. This involves the hardware, software, schemas, database types, storage styles, and more. It also involves the culture and business processes of the organization. Knowing what type of data store is most functional depends on your needs, and we help design an optimal data storage and usage plan. We also work with existing data stores to design architectures that support your needs.

Data Science, Machine Learning, & Advanced Analytics

The right data at the right time can enable an organization to maximize insight, impact, and influence. Data science leverages several tools — including analytics, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), patterning, and data modeling — to extract timely and valuable perceptions. We provide expert guidance and collaboration in the selection, development, and implementation of data science mechanisms to enable your team to succeed in the current data-driven environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your business and drive success through the power of AI.  Imagine streamlining your operations and making smarter, data-driven decisions effortlessly.  Our custom AI solutions deliver powerful insights, helping you stay ahead of your competition.  Don’t just keep up with the future—lead it. Partner with us today and experience the transformative impact of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.

Why Infoworks?

Practical, Implementable Strategies to Leverage the Power of Your Data & Analytics

Timely access to information and analytics allows you to make better decisions, but the lack of a well-defined strategy or data governance will lead to data silos and information overload. Our data experts are ready to develop a customized approach for utilizing data within your organization.

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