Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Success for Value-Based Care Initiatives

Implementing a value-based care strategy is a complex undertaking. Executing the care model successfully requires innovative strategies that enhance patient outcomes, generate revenue, and are scalable to allow for future growth as the industry evolves.

You need a partner who can provide tailored guidance, data expertise, innovative technology solutions, and business intelligence capabilities. You need InfoWorks’ value-based care consultants.

Data Engineered Value-Based Care Transformation Consulting

Allow us to help you champion the transformation to patient-centric care at your hospital, healthcare organization or health system.

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Our Value-Based Care Expertise

Empower your healthcare organization by leveraging our strategic value-based healthcare consulting team and innovative solutions. With RNs on staff and longstanding healthcare industry expertise, our team of data, technology, and business management specialists will help you implement entity-focused strategies that enhance quality of care for patients. Together, we can reshape the future of healthcare with a focus on integrity and excellence.

Guidance to Ensure Financial Stability

Contract Methodology Selection & Specification 

InfoWorks will assist you in navigating value-based care complexities, offering tailored guidance for methodology selection to contract drafting. We provide essential support during payer negotiations, ensuring financial stability through oversight of the reconciliation process. 

Data Strategies for Informed Decision-making

Data Science, Strategy, Analytics, & Management 

We develop modern data strategies to enable advanced reporting and population health forecasting, ensuring informed decision-making for optimized outcomes. By leveraging AI and machine learning techniques, we empower healthcare organizations to scale their operations efficiently while driving continuous improvements in patient outcomes and revenue generation. 

Innovative Technology Solutions

Outcomes Reporting, Analytics, Reconciliation, & Operations Improvement 

Revolutionizing patient care through innovative technology solutions. InfoWorks specializes in developing comprehensive business intelligence solutions for healthcare. This includes creating dynamic dashboards that provide insights into outcomes across contracts and patient cohorts in addition to patient-centered analytics for real-time performance monitoring and simulation.

Additionally, we support product advancement by integrating real-world evidence, facilitate reconciliation with payors through method execution and gain share defense, and help optimize clinical workflows through data-driven analytics for enhanced patient care. 

Case Study

Creating a Data Ecosystem for Value-based Care Initiative

In order to facilitate value-based care initiatives and improve quality of patient care, our client required help in four key areas: data assessment, data ingestion (ETL), patient risk scoring, and documentation and training. The data assessment phase was the most critical as our client’s team was manually extracting data and receiving disparate files sent at more…

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Join Your Vision with Our Expertise

Let’s work together to build a sustainable value-based care solution.

Contact us today to learn how our data architecture and engineering services coupled with advanced analytics and reporting can help you maximize shared savings, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes.

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