Delivering an Optimized Salesforce Ecosystem

You need Salesforce to deliver on its promise to improve customer relationships, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity. The reality is that, according to Salesforce, “Since the introduction of CRM systems in the 1990s, the implementation failure rate has been disturbingly high.”

There are multiple reasons your Salesforce implementation may be falling short of what you envisioned including:

  • poor user adoption
  • misaligned business objectives
  • data roadblocks
  • lack of integration between systems

We can help you bring your Salesforce vision back into focus.

A Salesforce instance that delivers results

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Salesforce Expertise

Salesforce is a powerful tool but we encounter many organizations who are struggling to capture the full potential of the platform. The reality is that problems with Salesforce are often not an issue with the platform itself. A Salesforce assessment will identify pain points for your team, process inefficiencies, data roadblocks, and more. Here’s how we can help:

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Our Salesforce process assessment begins with our process experts performing a current state analysis of your business processes and Salesforce organization.

Working in collaboration with business stakeholders and Salesforce users, we analyze and document your current business processes to uncover opportunities for improvement in your day-to-day sales, marketing, and customer support operations.

Additionally, our technical experts will assess your current Salesforce instance including configuration, campaign management, pipeline management, analytics, and data flows between enterprise tools.

After thorough analysis and documentation, our team will produce recommendations for optimizing your business processes and enhancing Salesforce, provide a detailed implementation roadmap, and a change management plan to ensure users are informed and excited about the upgrades.

Case Study

Salesforce Optimization Assessment

Our client had multiple, independent sales and marketing teams with various CRM tools, leading to suboptimal Salesforce processes related to the Marketing and Sales funnel. ​ They were missing sales opportunities and asked us to assess their Salesforce instance and develop a plan for process improvement. Our team conducted one-on-one interviews with relevant stakeholders and more…

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Let’s work together to build a Salesforce solution that works for the way you do business.

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