Taking a strategic approach to healthcare workforce challenges can transform a stressful working environment into a productive and rewarding one. Often, additional benefits like increased patient satisfaction, higher employee retention rates, and lower operating costs are realized. For example, one client took the initiative to launch a coaching program, which resulted in their primary goal of meeting specific criteria and had the byproduct of clarifying roles and making it easier for employees to do their jobs.

We’ve been helping healthcare clients overcome challenges just like these for over 25 years, and we can help you too.

Projects InfoWorks Can Help With

Operations & Management Solutions

Optimizing Your Workforce through:
  • Analyzing and overhauling patient scheduling and flow
  • Optimizing utilization of patient-care resources
  • Management of patient-care projects
  • Leading through change management

Technology Strategy & Implementation

Technology Improvements including:
  • ERP assessment and best practice recommendations
  • Vetting of current and potential technology providers
  • Integration of multiple systems
  • Monitoring and implementation of critical system upgrades

Data Science, Strategy, & Management

Data Collection and Utilization including:
  • Development of data strategies to inform how to leverage clinical data
  • Consolidation and connection of multiple data sources (EHR, Claims, Health Surveys, etc.)
  • Integration of data tools such as speech dictation and electronic health record short cuts and macros
  • Implementation of machine learning and predictive modeling to identify areas in which to improve patient outcomes
  • Building and scaling data driven decision making tools that drive business results

Custom Application & Cloud Development

Building Needs-Based Custom Applications to:
  • Collect digital patient information
  • Implement online self-scheduling for nursing staff
  • Offer online scheduling for patients
  • Offer automated check-ins for patients

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