Helped Client Practices Earn $5M Award Through Scalable Coaching Program

Client’s Challenge

Program Implementation and Scaling

Our client was awarded grant money to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs but it required their practices to meet specific criteria. They experienced difficulty implementing and scaling a coaching program across physician practices and engaged us for help.

Our Solution

Program Management & Coaching

Our team coached participating practices on nuances of meeting program requirements and metrics. Our consultants also served as practice liaisons to primary, specialty, and multi-specialty practices engaging in transformation, performance management, and clinical program integration.

Value Realized

$5M in Shared Revenue

The coaching program was successfully launched and our client was able to scale it across their organization and meet the award criteria. As a result $5M in shared revenue was returned back to the practices.

Project Details

After receiving a CMS award to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for physician offices in the midsouth, our client began to implement a program to ensure physician practices would meet the required criteria.

Realizing they needed additional resources, they contacted us for assistance in making the program successful and scalable.

By leveraging the tools necessary to create a structure around our client’s program, our team was able to clarify roles and standardize metrics for users, making it easier for them to achieve program deliverables.​​

With the help of InfoWorks, the coaching program was successfully implemented and scaled for use across the organization.

Client practices were awarded $5M in shared revenue.

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