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How Can Custom Applications Benefit Workflow?

Organizational workflow often requires a set of online tools. These applications aid in client screening, corporate communications, and project management. However, using several applications from different developers can make work less efficient. Here are just some of the ways that creating a custom application will improve workflow and productivity for your organization.
One of the main benefits of switching to a custom application is an increase in efficiency. Rather than juggling multiple tools to accomplish a task or project, employees can consolidate their workflow on one platform. Users have one login and smoother access to all functionalities. It’s also much more efficient to train a new hire on one platform rather than multiple ones. And from an analysis perspective, management can aggregate reporting across several tools within one system. This gives the whole organization faster access to data.
When using a vendor application, your organization needs to adapt workflow within the development constraints. However, a custom application allows you to consider your “ideal workflow scenario.” This means that you can personalize every aspect of the application to fit your strategic direction and optimize workflow as much as possible. For example, a behavioral health services organization might customize an app to include streamlined access to all patient forms and data. This access would cut down on processing time and ultimately conserve company resources.
Many of today’s custom applications are made with agile development. This means that the developers create the platform in sprints, starting with the minimal viable product (MVP). Your organization can test the MVP and suggest changes, and the development team builds the application based on your needs. These frequent touch points allow your company to pivot your approach or change your priorities, while keeping the development process on schedule.
Scalable Growth
Productivity should improve along with your organization, and a custom application can help. The application itself can remain flexible following the development process. As you onboard new clients, open new departments, or offer new products, the application can evolve to match your new tasks and objectives. And this process improvement can happen more quickly than it would with vendor applications.
Outside Perspective
True process improvement can be challenging when you’re seeing workflow and best practices through one lens. It’s common for organizations to get stuck in everyday rhythms, even when the approach isn’t the most beneficial. Working with a development firm to build an application offers an outside perspective on existing workflows. The agency might see areas for improvement that your team hasn’t noticed, and they can then create an application to support these enhancements.
Access to Technology
Today’s organizations are often as productive as their technologies. And your business can have access to the latest technology by building a custom application. For example, if you once juggled several desktop apps on your office computers, you can now improve your workflow with access to a custom mobile app. This advanced system integration can connect employees and clients more than ever, cutting down on processing time and making your services more efficient.


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