Despite its relatively recent launch, Vue.js is already proving to be one of the most innovative and progressive products to hit the JavaScript market. Created by former Google employees who left the search browser giant due to conflicting interests, the Vue.js framework has earned its reputation as the industry rebel, averaging as many as 1.6 million downloads a month – and has done it without the support of Google or the vertical’s other major contributor, Facebook.

How Vue Stacks Up Amongst Other Vertical Leaders

The framework’s current popularity surge is a trend that’s likely to continue for the foreseeable future, as the platform continues to establish its foothold in the marketplace and earn its competitive share. The 2018 State of Javascript survey revealed that the total number of developers who have direct experience with Vue and are willing to use it again hit 28.8%, up from just 19.6% in 2017.

Additionally, the 2018 report also reveals 46.6% of developers saying they’ve heard of the application and would like to learn how to use it to improve workflow within their business. Most importantly, those that have used Vue, like Vue. Only 2.8% of people who have tried the framework said they would never use it again, beating out both React, which lost 6.7% of users, and Angular, which showed that a whopping 33.8% of users would never use the program again.

Is Vue.js Framework the Right Choice for Business Process Improvement at Your Organization?

Are you one of the 46.6% of developers wondering if Vue.js makes sense for your organization? Understanding some of the system’s many benefits, as well as its potential weaknesses, can help you decide if it makes sense for your organization. Vue strengths include:

Smaller File Size
Vue’s size is one of its biggest advantages. Gzipped versions of the framework are only 20.9K, significantly smaller than other market options such as React and Angular. Vue’s lightweight ecosystem makes the framework smaller than many of its competitors, allowing users’ pages to be delivered faster.

Easy to Use
Vue incorporates a diverse mix of front-end web development skills that are easy to read, code, and master. The coding language used is clean and intuitive, allowing developers to quickly hit the ground running when programming. Additionally, Vue also offers an extensive library of digital resources to help minimize the learning curve and accelerate final results.

Heightened Reactivity
Unlike other JavaScript frameworks that struggle with reactivity, Vue’s reactive QA binding is one of the most prominent perks. The program effortlessly navigates two-way, reactive data binding, making it an excellent option for both single page applications as well as any platform optimization that requires real-time updates.

Flexible and Scalable Development Environment
Many developers assume that Vue can only be used in smaller applications. However, this framework’s highly flexible development environment can also be used in larger applications as well, providing the necessary support and scalability needed to grow with your business.

Know Some Potential Weaknesses of Vue

Like any front-end framework, Vue does have some potential weaknesses that developers should know before moving forward with it in their project. Also, as a newer application, Vue has fewer plugins and add-ons that some of its larger JavaScript counterparts. Finally, Vue is still an emerging technology; while it is steadily gaining momentum in the marketplace, it can sometimes be challenging to find answers to questions simply because there aren’t as many people using and posting about the system – yet.

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