Defining Strategy, Requirements, & Processes for Major Healthcare Organization Building a Vendor Management Team

Client’s Challenge

Help Defining Requirements for New Team

A leading healthcare organization needed help defining the people, processes, and technology needed to support a new team being formed to centrally manage their enterprise marketing vendors.


Our Solution

Business Strategy and Process Development

InfoWorks worked alongside our client to develop a business case for the resources required to support the new function as well as a team charter. We also conducted research to support the implementation of best practices in the launch of this new team.

Value Realized

Well-defined and Documented Processes

As a result of our work, our client gained approval to build the team, had well-thought-out standardized processes for the team, and documented vendor management best practices to follow.

Project Details

Our client, a leading healthcare organization, was building a new team. This team would be tasked with centrally managing enterprise marketing vendors. InfoWorks was hired to define the people, processes, and technology needed to support the functions of this team. 

The InfoWorks consulting team worked alongside our client’s team in an operational strategy capacity to develop a business case and justification for hiring two FTEs, which was approved.

We conducted internal and external research to define the team’s service offerings and documented those service offerings in toolkits and other resources that could be shared across the department. In addition, to ensure a smooth transition, we developed Vendor Center of Excellence documentation for our client’s team. The defined and standardized processes were scaled across the department and considered best practices for vendor management.

During implementation, InfoWorks served as an extra set of hands for specific projects led by the newly formed team. For example, the InfoWorks team helped lead an RFP process to identify an enterprise partner for media buying.

With our help this client was able to:

  • Successfully justify building the team and hiring of two FTEs.
  • Develop standardized process for their Vendor of Excellence team, including consolidating contracts and defining vendor service levels.
  • Identify and document best practices for vendor management.
  • Conduct an RFP process and select an enterprise media partner.

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