Improving Patient Outcomes through Standardization of Healthcare Data

Client’s Challenge

Creating a Unified View of Patient Medical History

Our Client needed an easily accessible Hub to standardize patient data, so they could make informed care decisions and detect potential declines early on, based on the patient’s personal health statistics.

Our Solution

Designed and Built a Patient Intervention Hub

After gaining a strong understanding of our clients needs and desired use of the Intervention Hub, our team custom designed and created the Hub.

Value Realized

Improved Patient Outcomes

Upon completion of the Patient Intervention Hub, the client had access to a 360° view of each patients’ health history and could successfully predict potential care solutions.

Project Details

Our client needed an information hub that held all data related to patients (i.e., self-reports, medical exam results, claims, vital statistics, etc.), but did not have a vision for the structure and design of the hub.

The goal was to enable the care team to predict potential declines in patient health based on the person’s personal health statistics, positioning them to intervene as early as possible.

We were engaged to research the best ways to analyze existing healthcare data and to design and build the Intervention Hub.

Our team researched and selected the best technologies to group patients’ life situations and health pattern commonalities.

We then provided our client with a roadmap on how to identify these significant life/health events, as well as recommendations for contacting and intervening with patients.

Our team delivered a vision, coordinated the development, and created the structure of the Intervention Hub, giving our client a 360° view of their patients’ historical and predicted health journeys.

Through the use of the Patient Intervention Hub, our client’s care teams were able to provide patients with more targeted care.

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