Leading an RFI Process to Streamline 50+ Disparate Contracts Into Standard Enterprise Level Agreements

Client’s Challenge

Development of various hospital divisions had led to numerous contract agreements with non-standardized pricing and terms. The client’s goal was to reduce the number of contracts, streamlining terms and pricing in the process.

Our Solution

Lead an RFI process to align with the vendor and coordinate with client’s team to consolidate contracts and develop a quarterly review process.

Value Realized

Client realized $4MM in cost savings across the organization.

Competencies Utilized

  • Project management
  • Vendor alignment
  • Contract consolidation and negotiation
  • RFI/RFP management

Project Details

Client had a longstanding relationship with a vendor that had expanded one hospital division at a time, leading to 50+ disparate contract agreements that lacked standard terms or pricing. InfoWorks was hired to manage a relationship review and optimization process.

InfoWorks led an RFI project to validate that the client was partnered with a vendor who met its business requirements. Our project manager interfaced with legal, marketing, technology, and vendor stakeholders to transition and consolidate all agreements to client’s standardized legal templates, moving from 54 contracts to 6. Our team negotiated 75 Service Level Agreements to hold the vendor accountable for contract delivery. We also established a process where Service Level Agreements were continually revisited in Quarterly Business Reviews, strengthening the relationship on both sides.

Consolidating contracts and implementing a Quarterly Business Review process for Service Level Agreements resulted in $4M in cost savings across the organization.

InfoWorks RFI Project Delivery Team

  • Project Manager

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