Leadership Placement to Improve Employee Morale and Retention

Client Challenge

The client needed to improve the morale of their internal team to increase efficiency and job satisfaction, thereby reducing attrition.

Our Solution

InfoWorks placed an interim manager with a proven track record of  improving culture through systematic assessments and change. They focused on role clarity, training, and culture.

Value Realized

Within the first 30-days, there was a noticeable improvement in team morale and call center metrics.

  • Reduced call abandon rate by 47%.
  • Reduced caller hold time by 26.4%.
  • Noticeably improved team morale.

Competencies Utilized

  • Interim leadership
  • “Right person, right seat” assessment
  • Peer Assessment
  • Visioning Session
  • Role re-structuring
  • Training plan creation
  • Recruitment

Project Details

A large retail organization had unsustainable turnover and complaints about their internal Point of Sale Help Desk Team. The growing dissatisfaction with the team was negatively impacting the firm’s ability to support their retail stores around the globe.

InfoWorks utilized its network of senior leaders and SMEs to find and place an interim manager with help desk subject matter expertise, ample leadership experience, and a proven track record of improving culture through systematic assessments and change.

Within the first 30 days, InfoWorks’ interim leader had noticeably improved team morale and dramatically improved the call center metrics.

Impact realized in first 30 days:

  • Reduced call abandon rate by 47%
  • Reduced caller hold time by 26.4%
  • Met one-on-one with each team member and immediately enacted feedback
  • Noticeably improved team morale

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