Dashboard for Executive Level Staff Featuring KPIs From Multiple Data Sources

Client’s Challenge

Prior to the development of the dashboard, our client was spending large amounts of time manually acquiring data and formatting it into monthly reports for the executives. Data was stored in a myriad of locations and formats. The challenge was to create a rapid prototype to prove viability and value of the custom application. Earning approval to proceed, we partnered with them to consolidate their data following high-level security protocols and automate calculations and reporting.

Our Solution

After proving the value of the application with our rapid prototype model, our team developed a web-based application and data acquisition processes. To accommodate the high level of security required for our healthcare client, we designed a secure data warehouse that allowed for proper data access based on a user’s role within the company. In addition, non-KPI related data was included to allow for the “big picture” view of the client, and ease of access when individual staff information was needed.

Value Realized

The application allows for easier and instant access to the needed data in a highly secure fashion from desktop or mobile devices. Our client realized considerable savings in time/money due to the modern architecture and automation which removing the need for an individual to compile and distribute the reports manually. By importing data on a daily frequency, the application allows for more up-to-date and on-demand information.

Project Details

Our client needed an application that was available to executives via desktop or mobile web browser, so they could see their client’s data in a yearly sales/performance view.

This company, like many others, maintains data in multiple formats and locations which makes it difficult to see their client’s performance and trends at different levels such as company, division, market, and facility. Much of the data is financial in nature, thus requiring a high level of security.

Since much of this data lies within multiple systems and locations, assembling reports to provide insights that were needed, required manual intervention and multiple days to assemble. Add to this the potential for inaccuracy, and it became a daunting, regular task for an individual to complete.

We partnered with our client to design and build a custom data dashboard application as well as back-end processes to acquire the data from multiple systems and display it in an easily accessible and understandable format.

Because this was a complex undertaking with many stakeholders and a divergent vision, our approach was to first develop a rapid prototype to help clarify and align expectations and ensure all parties would be pleased by the final product.

After earning approval to build the custom application, we employed the use of scheduled cloud processes to migrate the data to a local application-specific database. The processes were scheduled to run on a daily basis and acquire data from multiple locations such as a data warehouse, Salesforce, and Smartsheet spreadsheets. During the acquisition processes, granular data was also used in complex calculations for displaying data in a more understandable way.  In addition, granular data such as client contacts, site addresses/locations, mission statement, and other non-KPI related data were included to allow for the “big picture” view of the client, and ease of access when individual staff information was needed.

With the consolidating of data from multiple systems into a single data source, our client was able to see their executive level sales and contact related data in a consolidated and concise way, and access it quickly.

The automated data dashboard eliminated risk of human error and reduced the time required to manually create reports from days to seconds.

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