Improved Inventory Process Management Through Product Strategy & Custom Application Develo

Client’s Challenge

Customer Request & Inventory Management

Our client depended on ad hoc emails in order to manage customer requests and inventory issues. They engaged us to create a product strategy and build a custom application that would allow them to improve their process, thereby reducing the amount of information and time lost during communication.

Our Solution

Develop a Product Strategy and Supporting Custom Application

Our team performed a thorough assessment to understand the source of the problem, developed a product strategy, and created a custom online application to track and manage inventory.

Value Realized

Reduced Workload & Improved Transparency & Communications

The online application allowed our client’s team to track and manage inventory easily, reducing the workload on warehouse workers and allowing them to leverage the online system with minimal errors. In addition, there was an increase in transparency and improved corporate communications.

Project Details

To manage their warehouse inventory, our client relied heavily on ad hoc emailed updates and lacked a standardized process or system.

Client requests, inventory issues, and release forms were handled via email communication, which often resulted in lost information or wasted time.

We were engaged to create a strategy around the problem the department was having, reshaping the solution to be more effective for their team.

We held visioning sessions to understand their needs and how they mapped to the corporate strategy. From these sessions, our team built a system that enabled the warehouse workers to release any inventory online (i.e., current, past, future), as well as sign releases electronically via Adobe Sign.

Throughout the project, our consultants managed deliverables and served as liaisons between the business and development teams to continue the product transformation and build features with client input.

We utilized change management techniques prior to implementation, educating the client teams on the new process and how to navigate the new interface. Properly trained, they were able to leverage the online system with minimal errors.

The custom application reduced the workload for warehouse team members by minimizing manual handling of inventory, provided transparency into the asset development process, and improved corporate communications.

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