Provided Interim Leadership to Organize Client's Development Team, Aligning Priorities and Communication

Client’s Challenge

Misalignment and Poor Communication

Our client had a new software offering to get to market that was beyond initial delivery deadlines and exhibited some communication dysfunction with the rest of the organization.  They needed help aligning the vision for the product, implementing a project plan, and onboarding new talent.

Our Solution

Development Team Leadership & Staff Augmentation

InfoWorks supplied a Development Manager who was able to align their team around the vision for the software and timeline for delivery. We also augmented their staff with a variety of developer talent.

Value Realized

Successful Product Launch

The leadership and support our team provided brought alignment to our client’s project stakeholders, increased output, and a resulted in a significant reduction in software defects.

Project Details

Our client, a financial technology firm, had a strong technical team working on a new product.  Due to missed deadlines and poor communication, business stakeholders had limited confidence in the development team’s output, forecasted delivery, and visibility into the product roadmap. They hired InfoWorks to bring clarity to the team on what was being built, when to expect it, and alignment on which components of the build to prioritize.  They were also struggling to identify and bring on more talent to increase velocity for the application launch.

We provided an interim Development Manager with expertise in team dynamics who was able to infuse more structure, transparency, and coordination with business stakeholders. The Dev Manager introduced additional standard agile processes to the team as well as developing a roadmap and use of other communication tools to streamline collaboration with their leadership.  Our approach gave everyone a firm understanding about what was being built, why it was being built, and the expected launch date.

Top priorities for the software development were identified, the development team aligned on the project plan and formal QA resources were introduced to add rigor to the process. Our QA lead evaluated and implemented testing software, established a testing process for the development organization, and created test suites and test cases for sprints.

InfoWorks also brought a mix of developers to supplement their team and increase velocity of production, including an architect/lead who could help with code reviews and design as well as taking on some of the tougher development challenges.

The strong leadership we provided led to stakeholder alignment, a clear project plan, effective communication within and across teams and leadership, and prioritization of the most critical components. With confidence in the delivery date, they were able to retain current software users and onboard new ones. The project was completed in a timely manner with an 85% reduction in software defects and a 60% output increase.

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