Integrating and Optimizing a Cloud-Based Application Ecosystem

Client’s Challenge

Our client, a large accounting firm, wanted to improve user experience by integrating several applications into one unified experience for their users. Differences in the application’s architecture and structure, along with a desire for new functionality, created a technical challenge to achieve their goals.

Our Solutions & Value Realized

Using available cloud-based technologies, our team designed and built an application ecosystem that seamlessly combined the existing applications, significantly improving the end user experience. The architecture also provided a framework to readily integrate additional custom applications into the ecosystem in the future.

Project Details

While exploring ways to improve user experience across several applications, our client uncovered major technical roadblocks. Their applications were originally developed with disparate technologies and structures. The user team was also requesting significant new functionality that added to the complexity of the project.

We were engaged to assist with designing and building a more user-friendly application ecosystem, eliminating the current structure of several siloed application systems.

Using technology available in an Azure cloud environment, our team built a new solution utilizing a custom .NET Core structure with several micro services and subsequent micro React front ends. This solution provided a seamless user experience even though the previous separate applications contained their own specific individualized and custom functionality.

In addition, the new ecosystem’s architecture was designed to allow other groups to integrate their own custom applications into the ecosystem in the future.

The custom solution successfully improved the end-user experience by integrating multiple applications into one homogenous application ecosystem.

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