Assisted Business in Separating from Parent Company & Performed Large Scale Data Migration

Client’s Challenge

While preparing to separate from their parent company, our healthcare technology client needed a best practice solution that would not only transfer and integrate their existing data, but also provide capacity for ongoing growth.

Our Solution & Realized Value

After gaining a strong understanding of our client’s needs, our team provided a comprehensive strategy to successfully transfer and integrate existing data for over 375 applications across 22 global data centers. We assisted in building new applications and services to migrate the data and created a solution that resulted in our client’s capability to expand to a more modern architecture.

Project Details

As the client was splitting from its parent company, all their assets, networks, and applications had to be transferred to a new, singular database. With an overwhelming amount of data to transfer, the client engaged us to assist with this long-term process that involved over 375 applications across 22 global data centers.

We assisted the client with the separation from the parent company and provided insight into best practices for transferring and integrating data. Working with our client’s Program Management Office, our consultants acted as liaisons and provided understanding for data applications and operating systems. We also built and implemented new applications and services that allowed our client to more easily migrate data and expand to more modern architecture with the capacity for future growth.

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