Creating an Intervention Hub to Improve Patient Outcomes

Client’s Challenge

The client needed an Intervention Hub to help them narrow their search for significant patient health data, also making it easier for them to intervene with best practices for each patient.

Our Solution

Our team helped the client navigate sources for identifying significant patient health information and coordinated and created the structure of the Intervention Hub.

Value Realized

  • Reduced the workload for client by completing requirements and documentation for implementing an Intervention Hub.
  • Creation of the intervention hub gave the client a 360 degree view into patients’ historical and predicted health journeys

Competencies Utilized

  • Data architecture
  • Data engineering
  • Data science
  • Healthcare data expertise
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Neo4J
  • Python
  • Teradata
  • DB2

Project Details

The client had a business need for an information hub that held all data related to patients (i.e., self-reports, medical exam results, claims, vital statistics, etc.), but did not have a vision for what this hub would look like. The goal of the hub was to predict potential declines in patients’ health based on their personal health statistics, positioning the client to intervene as early as possible.

InfoWorks was engaged to research the best ways to analyze existing healthcare data and to create and implement an Intervention Hub for the client.

Through research, the InfoWorks team explored best technologies to group patients’ life situations and health pattern commonalities. We then provided the client with a roadmap on how to identify these significant life/health events, as well as recommendations for contacting and intervening with patients.

InfoWorks delivered a vision, coordinated the development, and created the structure of the Intervention Hub, giving the client a 360° view of their patients’ historical and predicted health journeys.

InfoWorks Delivery Team

  • Healthcare SME
  • Healthcare Principal Consultant
  • Data Architect
  • Data Scientist

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