Developing a Strategic Business Plan to Increase Profitability


Client’s Challenge

A large medical group needed to determine the most effective strategic business plan to maximize profitability of a subsidiary company.

Our Solution

We developed and implemented a comprehensive business plan to improve go-to market strategy, organizational structure, and profit. InfoWorks also provided interim COO, business analyst, project managers, and other key personnel to support the initiative.

Value Realized

  • Establishment of an independent LLC that maximized value for the parent company and all stakeholders.

Competencies Utilized

  • Business plan development
  • Marketing plan
  • Organizational structure development
  • Pro forma financials
  • Interim COO support
  • Recruitment

InfoWorks Delivery Team

  • COO
  • Senior Strategist
  • Project Manager
  • Clinical Business Analyst
  • IT Support
  • HR Specialist

Project Details

A large medical group struggled to determine the best strategy for a subsidiary firm and needed help developing and implementing a comprehensive business plan. As part of the plan, they needed to evaluate long-term options like establishing a stand-alone company, selling the company, or developing strategic partnerships to grow the company.

Through personal interviews and thorough business analysis, InfoWorks developed a business plan with concrete recommendations for the board, including the recommendation to raise ~$2M to form an independent LLC.

After gaining approval of the business plan, InfoWorks helped implement the solutions by providing an interim COO, business analysts, project managers, IT support, accounting, and back-office support.

InfoWorks’ expertise and support helped to maximize the value of the subsidiary company for the parent company and all stakeholders.

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