Data Warehousing and Data Integration

Client’s Challenge

Data warehousing & consolidation for product traceability

Multiple systems were being used to track product ingredients and batch traceability for a multi-billion-dollar, multi-site manufacturing company’s production process. The company needed a simple way to assemble the data from the various systems so it could be used to comply with FDA regulations, deliver a consistent, high-quality product, and allow for complete product traceability.

Our Solution

Provide a data warehouse to manage data streams

Our team designed and built a data warehouse to maintain the data from their multiple systems. We then documented the processes and associated data for each of the systems. Finally, the information was consolidated and migrated to the data warehouse, creating a single source for all product traceability.

Value Realized

Users now have a single source of truth from which to  pull data for any individual product, its ingredients, and the ingredients of those ingredients.

  • Time to process decreased from Days to seconds
  • Risk of FDA audit findings was greatly reduced

Competencies Utilized

  • Data warehousing
  • Data integration
  • Data consolidation and migration
  • Alignment with FDA industry standards
  • Business analysis
  • Database development
  • Strategic planning
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Engineering support

Project Details

InfoWorks was asked to design a data warehouse that enabled the manufacturing client to meet FDA requirements for tracing quality data in order to limit quality-related risks.

A multi-billion-dollar, multi-site manufacturing company maintained several systems to track product ingredients and batch traceability of their production process. These records were created and maintained to comply with FDA regulations, deliver a consistent, high-quality product, and allow for complete product traceability.

However, because the data lived within multiple systems, assembling the data needed to provide full traceability for a single batch spanned multiple days. InfoWorks was hired to design and build a data warehouse to maintain the data from these multiple systems.

InfoWorks documented the processes and associated data for each individual system.  The information was then consolidated and migrated to the data warehouse, creating a single source for all product traceability.

InfoWorks leveraged the data warehouse to produce various reports that enable users to quickly pull data for any single product, its ingredients, and the ingredients of those ingredients, into a single report.

  • Created and implemented a data warehouse for the client, allowing users to extract data for any product, into a singular report.
  • This warehouse significantly decreased the time needed to gather key data from days to seconds as well as reduced risk from any required FDA audits.

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