Successful entrepreneurs recognize that, in today’s globally connected marketplace, data is king. Effectively harnessing and analyzing relevant corporate data empowers business owners in every industry with the intelligence needed to make informed decisions across virtually every department and operation on both an internal and external level. Companies of every size and scope can tap into the benefits of stored business information to:

  • Discover new market segments
  • Drive client retention
  • Increase customer service satisfaction
  • Track ROI on internal campaigns and initiatives
  • Gauge social media success
  • Forecast future opportunities

From Sales and Marketing teams drilling down into the latest consumer buying trends to Human Resources Directors identifying employee turnover rates (and a wide range of everything in between), there are countless opportunities to wield the power of business data to drive process improvement and positive corporate enterprise.

Utilizing Microsoft Business Intelligence to Drive Data-Centric Decision Making

As the amount of stored data continues to grow at speed-of-light pace, business owners, tired of manually sifting, sorting, and analyzing, are utilizing Microsoft Power BI to help manage and visualize their business information. This cloud-based analytical system accelerates data harnessing, assessment, and display to support enhanced decision making across every level of the organization. Whether running a sophisticated data warehouse system or relying on a simple, static Excel data spreadsheet to store critical internal intelligence, Power BI can play a pivotal role in eliminating restrictive information silos and keeping a company both agile and competitive in market.

Does Microsoft Power BI Make Sense For Your Data Visualization Needs?

Could your business benefit from a Microsoft Power BI integration? Understanding some of the key features of this analytic tool can help you decide if it’s the right choice for your organization. Power BI offers:

Unlimited, Centralized Data Access
Manual data capture often requires continuously gleaning through both internal and in-cloud information sets. Power BI aggregates and stores all relevant intelligence, empowering users with a centralized virtual repository that’s ready and waiting for you when you need it.

Seamless System Integration
Many business owners worry that introducing a new layer of innovation to their existing technology suite will cause system integration issues. However, MicroSoft Power BI easily assimilates with your present infrastructure, creating an optimized platform that instantly enables access to a comprehensive range of reporting capabilities using real-time data sets. Partnering with an experienced integration professional can ensure an expedited, stress-free integration with little to no system downtime.

Robust, Customized Dashboards
The biggest benefit of utilizing a Power BI solution in your organization? Leveraging the system’s functionality for dynamic, personalized dashboards based on specific reporting needs. Power BI’s reporting platform allows users to create interactive and compelling visualizations that can be shared both internally as well as with a broader audience sect for optimal analytic impact.

Ease Of Use
Concerned that you and your team won’t maximize ROI with the reporting features because you’re not a “techie”? Don’t be; Power BI’s user-interface is directive enough that many people find they can hit the ground running when building reports. Additionally, a reputable integration specialist will partner with your organization to determine your current system navigation capabilities. From there, your provider will develop a training program that quickly gets everyone up to speed.

Simplified Data Visualizations
Yes, wide-reaching data capture efforts can yield a multitude of mission-critical benefits for any organization. However, disseminating a virtually endless stream of information can quickly begin to overwhelm users. Power BI simplifies data integration, quickly targeting, retrieving, and displaying relevant information for virtually instant and effortless dissemination.

Mobile Access
Microsoft Power BI offers users real-time, mobile access to reporting and dashboard functionality. This agile digital solution works with all major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android, so you and your team can access what they need, whenever and wherever they need it. Best of all, Power BI alerts users about data changes or updates in real-time for immediate, effective collaboration with others as needed to determine follow-up actions and next steps.

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