Management consulting company InfoWorks to help THA member hospitals transition to value-based care through analytics solutions

InfoWorks, an award-winning consulting company, announced that it has been selected by THA Solutions Group as the preferred healthcare analytics solutions provider for its hospital members. InfoWorks combines deep functional expertise in healthcare industry knowledge and extensive experience using leading-edge analytics technologies to develop data-driven solutions.

“Now, more than ever, hospitals must use data strategically to compete in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape which is driving the industry from volume-based care to a value-based reimbursement structure,” said Mark Wisniewski, a Healthcare Principal at InfoWorks. THA member hospitals expressed a need for self-service analytics solutions that allow them to leverage their data rapidly and glean transformative insights. InfoWorks can help hospitals aggregate and analyze data to improve clinical and operational processes such that providers can deliver a higher quality of care at a better value.

“I am thrilled that we will have the opportunity to bring our unique blend of healthcare and analytics solutions to THA members,” said Ryan Gallagher, President of InfoWorks.

InfoWorks has worked with numerous clients to implement data analytics solutions that provide transparency across operations, clinical, and financial areas including:

  • Reimbursement Rate Analysis
  • Total Cost of Care/Episodes of Care
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Clinical Outcomes and Quality Measures
  • Provider Benchmarking
  • Patient Risk Adjustment
  • Emergency Room and Readmission Utilization Reduction
  • Prospective Care Management

InfoWorks has distinguished itself as a leader in the Mid-South by bridging the gap between business and technology to ensure each step from problem to solution is the right one.

About InfoWorks

InfoWorks provides total solutions that consider and impact your entire business. We combine the right core competencies with diverse expertise and deep industry knowledge spanning across analytics, management, and technology for many of the largest companies in the Mid-South. We will tailor strategies focused on getting clients into new revenue streams, create technology solutions that help leapfrog competitors, provide role-based work to augment your existing projects, and work with company leaders to create metrics and dashboards that enable data driven decisions all to drive successful, lasting results. With our 20+ years of experience, we have amassed a diverse mix of people from industry veterans to new and fresh thinkers with the agility and experience to help you navigate the unknown and maximize positive impacts on every level. We take pride in approaching everything we do with agility and innovation that results in superior response time, proactive ideas, and nimble, affordable solutions tailored to your needs. Our strength comes from knowing our customers best. And, because we are 100% employee-owned, your success becomes the success of the entire team. We are here with you every step of the way to help your company achieve great things.


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