InfoWorks has had tremendous growth these past five years. Our President, Ryan Gallagher, recently sat down with the Nashville Business Journal (NBJ) to discuss how InfoWorks does business and how we have been able to grow our business and keep our cultural integrity intact.

In 2014, a Fortune 500 company did not want to work with the high-cost east coast firms, so they approached InfoWorks wondering if they could find the same high-quality tech solutions. Even though InfoWorks primarily focused on local business relationships to maintain an appropriate work/life balance for employees, Ryan Gallagher, and the InfoWorks team, decided it was possible to adjust business strategy while still maintaining this balance. They took on the project, exceeded the Fortune 500 company’s expectations, and the InfoWorks culture remained unscathed.

Now, InfoWorks is a 20-year-old organization that has more than doubled its revenue and employees in the past five years. InfoWorks is excited to be mimicking the growth of Nashville, but in the words of Ryan Gallagher, InfoWorks wants to ensure a “consistent, long-term growth.” The opportunity for growth is exciting, but the commitment of InfoWorks is still to culture and quality, read more about what Ryan Gallagher has to say in the Nashville Business Journal.

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