The Nashville Analytics Summit is an annual event that focuses on the fundamental issues businesses are facing and how to effectively leverage big data and analytics. This year, InfoWorks has two key speakers participating.

VP of Data Science, Amy Kauppila will lead a session entitled, What is Data Change Management and Why is it Finally Catching Fire?. Her talk will address the challenge of getting internal buy-in for new processes and tools, so projects flourish instead of fizzle.

Vice President of Analytics, Dustin Wuest’s talk is entitled, Struggling with hiring data scientists? How can market research and brand analysis unlock the key to recruiting top talent?. He addresses developing an effective strategy to attract the right talent, so your business can meet the alarming growth in data initiatives in an increasingly competitive hiring landscape.

They are part of a line-up that includes top data scientists and analytics experts from across the region. Register for The Nashville Analytics Summit 2022.

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