Selecting the Right Software Package Solution

by: Meredith Ficken

At some point, regardless of industry, most companies find themselves in need of a new technology solution, for a myriad of reasons. Some businesses have grown beyond their current manual techniques and require an automated process to support internal or client-facing operations. Other companies, tired of managing multiple systems across several departments, look to consolidate efforts and outputs using one centralized system. Some organizations may...

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stethoscope on top of paper with graphs on it

State of Analytics in Healthcare

by: Amy Kauppila

Data analytics in virtually every operational industry is increasing. We have access to more information than ever before – and on a global scale. Our capacity to capture and store data is doubling at an exponential (and almost alarming) rate as enterprises in a diverse range of fields navigate through the process of managing huge data sets. Healthcare Companies Turning Focus to Analytics Initiatives Like...

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illustration of four business professionals in a sail boat smiling and paddling in the water

Successfully Navigating Through Reimbursement Changes in Healthcare

by: Raychel Enck

The last few decades have seen rampant changes in healthcare reimbursement. In 2018, healthcare spending in the U.S. skyrocketed to $3.65 trillion, firmly securing its distinction as the highest of any advanced economy. Unfortunately, these exorbitant expenditures don’t always equate to superior patient outcomes. The widening gap between the cost of care and actual care outcomes have resulted in several newly released programs and initiatives...

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illustration of a person holding hot coffee while typing on a computer keyboard on a blue desk

Vue.js Strengths and Weaknesses

by: Kyle Weaver

Despite its relatively recent launch, Vue.js is already proving to be one of the most innovative and progressive products to hit the JavaScript market. Created by former Google employees who left the search browser giant due to conflicting interests, the Vue.js framework has earned its reputation as the industry rebel, averaging as many as 1.6 million downloads a month – and has done it without...

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business man with his hands on his hips looking up at a diagram on the wall

Defining a New Business Model

by: Lane Newsom

When effectively implemented, your corporate business models should directly support operational functions and provide a detailed, step-by-step protocol for hitting milestone deliverables and achieving overall campaign goals. However, many organizations fail to establish a specific set of best practices for all of their primary operations and functions. Whether looking to improve results on existing (sometimes failing) initiatives or launching an entirely new strategic directive, they...

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Young business woman is thinking about business cycle.

Unleash the Benefits of Business Process Improvement

by: Dustin Wuest

For many businesses, the primary measurement of success is often continuous advancement. However, sometimes the best way to catapult your organization forward is to look back and evaluate your existing processes to identify an opportunity for workflow business process improvements. Standardized process improvement utilizes agile, iterative standards that proactively analyze and gauge a company’s current procedures, policies, and protocols to pinpoint what’s working, what isn’t,...

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Young woman working at office

8 Tips for New Developers

by: Ross Buffington

You’ve graduated with your degree or finished coding boot camp and landed your first gig as a developer – congratulations! Now what? For many new developers, the transition from learning about software coding and on-the-job application is often rife with challenges, particularly when navigating the nuances of the business world’s three C’s: co-workers, clients, and company cultures. Go into the process prepared for success with...

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Businessman working on worktable with computer laptop and plan,strategy and analysis concepts

Key Ways Business Analysis Recalibrates Strategic Direction and Accelerates Project ROI

by: Laura Buchanan, RN, BSN, MBA

Customized business analysis solutions deliver a multitude of invaluable corporate benefits, helping companies in every industry make deliberate modifications that drive process improvements, streamline communication, and optimize initiative results. A business analyst (BA) serves as an internal agent of change, evaluating vital intelligence data sets to eliminate internal operational silos as well as bridge the gap between IT and various other departments and stakeholders. Most...

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Teenagers looking at mobile phone

5 Tips For Modern UI That Optimizes Visitor Impact

by: Scott Neu

Business owners across every industry recognize that a cohesive digital presence is a mission-critical component in today’s globally connected world. However, many entrepreneurs don’t realize that simply using digital tools is not enough. To gain a competitive edge with both customer- and employee-facing technologies, companies in any industry must also consider a tool’s user interface (UI). A sound, effective UI can strategically and seamlessly merge...

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an open laptop on a wooden desk with bar charts on the screen

Key Features of Power BI

by: Daniel Glenn

Successful entrepreneurs recognize that, in today’s globally connected marketplace, data is king. Effectively harnessing and analyzing relevant corporate data empowers business owners in every industry with the intelligence needed to make informed decisions across virtually every department and operation on both an internal and external level. Companies of every size and scope can tap into the benefits of stored business information to: Discover new market...

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