Since 1997, InfoWorks has been Nashville’s choice for strategic business and technology consulting services.  With hundreds of successful engagements in healthcare, not-for-profit, manufacturing, and financial services, we are grateful for the strong client relationships we’ve built and value we have enabled.  Let us know how we can help by applying our deep expertise in consulting, project management, analytics, software, and platform development services.

Areas of Expertise

For almost two decades, InfoWorks has been Nashville’s driving force for IT consulting and support, software solutions, app and software development, and project management.

Employee Owner Spotlight

  • Laura Buchanan

    Laura Buchanan

    Q. What was your first project at InfoWorks?

    A. When I first started at InfoWorks I helped out on several small projects before the perfect project came up. I worked with a small pharmacy company that provided medications to jails and wanted to upgrade their technology to include inventory and medication administration documentation. I was able to use a variety of past experiences in supply chain, corrections, electronic health records, training, software documentation and clinical workflows. It was a fun project!

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  • Derek Hoevel

    Derek Hoevel

    Q. How would you describe your position?

    A. I primarily work to build relationships; whether that is with our consultants to help understand their skill-sets and interests to get them involved on the correct projects, or around Nashville by finding companies that might be in need of InfoWorks’ assistance.

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  • Meredith Crites

    Meredith Crites

    Q. Favorite thing about InfoWorks?

    A. The people. I’m lucky enough to work with both clients and colleagues who I would consider friends.

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  • Travis Hampton

    Travis Hampton

    Q. How is InfoWorks different from other places you have worked?

    A. InfoWorks not only cares about its employees but also the employee’s family. InfoWorks takes thoughtful measures to let people within the organization know that they care.

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  • Jeff Gitter

    Jeff Gitter

    Q. What does it mean to you to be an owner?

    A. For me, being an owner means taking responsibility to the next level—I expect more from myself and my coworkers because we are all personally invested in the success of InfoWorks both financially and culturally. I’m more likely to do the little things like clean up a spill in the kitchen, or go the extra mile to make sure my code not only works but is designed well.

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  • Kyle Weaver

    Kyle Weaver

    Q. What is the best part about your job?

    A. The best part about my job is the variety of my experiences, which are always changing. Working for a consulting firm lets me work with a variety of industries and people. Each project is always different. There are so many diverse industries in the Nashville area. Working with each of them, building relationships, and learning my way around them is a fun and sometimes challenging experience.

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