Evaluated and Redesigned a Department Function to Align with Industry Standards and Organization’s Business Goals

Client’s Challenge

There was an opportunity to redesign the job roles and reporting structure for a departmental function within the client’s organization to streamline their hiring and onboarding processes.

Our Solution

InfoWorks provided project management support, documenting time-sensitive activities and creating resources including interview guides and candidate scorecards, as well as an onboarding and training plan.​​

Value Realized

With help from InfoWorks, the client’s team was able to align on organization goals and reduce time to hire, and ensure a smooth transition for new employees.

Competencies Utilized

  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Organizational design
  • Industry alignment
  • Process improvement

Project Details

Due to a vacant position on the client’s ESG/Sustainability Team, there was an opportunity to redesign this function. The original job description utilized for the position no longer aligned with the healthcare industry’s standard for similar roles. InfoWorks was engaged to evaluate the people, process, and technology required to enable the client’s long-term ESG/Sustainability strategy.

InfoWorks conducted research and interviews to redesign the job description and reporting structure, which accelerated the recruiting and hiring process. We created an interview guide and scorecard for potential candidates as well as an onboarding and training plan. While the role was vacant,  InfoWorks provided interim project management support to lead and document time-sensitive activities.​

With our help, the client was able to reduce time and effort to fill the vacant position, optimize their onboarding process for smooth transition of new employees, and redesign a department function to reflect industry standards and long-term goals.

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