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Webinar: A Leader’s Guide to Building Analytics Excellence


Webinar: A Leader’s Guide to Building Analytics Excellence: Put your data to work for you with confidence (even if you aren’t a data expert)

Presenter: Amy Kauppila, Ph.D.

Amy Kauppila, Ph.D., is a senior data scientist at InfoWorks, Inc. She relishes the process and challenge of extracting valuable insights from data collections to incorporate them into successful client solutions. Additionally, Dr. Kauppila has a decade of experience in application development and business analysis in the healthcare industry. Before joining the data science industry, Dr. Kauppila worked as a professor at Vanderbilt University teaching engineering and computer science courses and conducting research on the statistical factors impacting the reliability of microelectronics. She earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Auburn University and a Master’s and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Vanderbilt University, where she held a Tau Beta Pi graduate research fellowship and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellowship.