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Impact Nashville is at it Again

For three years in a row, InfoWorks has sponsored Impact Nashville’s Annual Member Kick-Off event and we could not be prouder to support an organization that empowers women to invest in Nashville non-profits.  Impact Nashville members donate 100% of their annual membership fees to deserving non-profits in the area. In doing so, it requires them to raise money for events throughout the year, which is why we are more than happy to support this annual event so local non-profits can receive the maximum amount of grant funding.

In 2016, Impact Nashville gave two $21,500 grants to local non-profits. One of the deserving recipients was Retrieving Independence, a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for people living with physical and/or mental disabilities. With the $21,500 grant, Retrieving Independence was able to purchase a bus to allow them to transfer the service dogs to local prisons where they partner with prisoners for training.  The prisoners develop a skill that they can use when they’re released to help lower the chances of recidivism and provide opportunities for a new life. The second recipient was Safe Haven, a shelter-to-housing program for families. With the grant from Impact Nashville, Safe Haven was able to enact a program meant to thwart the “benefits cliff.” “Benefits cliff” refers to families who are receiving government subsidies and are at risk of losing that aid if they have an increase in earnings, which causes people to pass on opportunities to advance their career so they can maintain their housing and provide for the immediate needs of their families.  The program helps create a way for the employees to become stable, able to drop the subsides, and create a career path.

Impact Nashville is on track to award $119,000 by this year, which means they are set to award $50,000 in grant money in 2017. We can’t wait to see the lives that are changed by this year’s award!

For more information about Impact Nashville, visit their website.

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