Development of an Enterprise Level Application to Streamline Project Management & Increase ROI

Client’s Challenge

We were engaged to streamline project management with end-to-end budgeting and forecasting tools. The goal was to increase ROI through improved resource allocation across all service lines.


Our Solution & Value Realized

Our team custom built a .Net application to meet the needs of the client, including resource budgeting and forecasting tools. This solution allowed for streamlined project management across all service lines by increasing the ease of planning and tracking for projects longer than one year.

Project Details

Our client was in need of a project management resource that would support team engagement throughout a project’s lifespan. This involved coordinating with multiple stakeholder groups and building custom functionality to meet their needs, as well as integrating with many other applications and systems to share data.

Our team designed and built out a custom .Net solution with a SQL Server backend to bring together a resource listing from HR, actual time billed, and user input records from the front-end.

The web application allows for projects with over a hundred resources lasting longer than a year to be planned and tracked accurately. This application created a single source of truth for much of our client’s important project management data, allowing them to monitor budgeting margins and resources with ease.

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