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Leading With Data Driven Decisions

by: Moshe Cole

The ability to make decisions is the hallmark of a leader. But, according to leadership expert Larina Kase, author of “The Confident Leader,” the ability to make consistent, exceptional decisions is the hallmark of a great leader. As more and more businesses correlate relevant customer, market, operational, and financial data, the ability to use this data in an actionable way is becoming more paramount to...

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Data Preparation Made Easy With Tableau Prep

by: Ian Hagerman

Last month, Tableau released a brand-new tool to its data visualization product suite, Tableau Prep. Tableau Prep is a data preparation tool designed for analysts and business users who try to prepare data for themselves, but might get stuck because they don’t have traditional ETL expertise. The tool empowers users to combine, shape, and cleanse data for analysis in Tableau. As you would expect, Tableau...

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Love Your Intranet!

by: Travis Hampton

Corporate intranets always seem to be a challenge. We work with clients every week who tell us about their challenges building and maintaining their corporate intranet solution. Many of our clients are looking for a mechanism to communicate and share pertinent information about their organization, store frequently used documents, and execute important workflows for key business processes. The intranet can be an integral part of...

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Healthcare Transformation: Realization of a Long-Awaited Philosophy

by: Alan Taylor

Healthcare transformation has been underway for a longer period than many recognize, and it certainly began well in advance of the hi-tech initiative and government inspired “Healthcare Reform.” For example, in 2004 a leading health plan initiated research and development of the model illustrated in Figure 1, with the key interest being movement toward a retail-inspired model. The concept innovation was about taking our traditional...

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European GDPR Catching Many US Companies Off Guard

by: Phil Hartman

If the answer to any of the below questions is “yes” then like it or not, a complex new regulatory framework imposed by the European Union called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) likely impacts your company and you have until May 25, 2018 to get compliant. Have citizens of countries in the European Union (EU) registered with your company’s website and provided their personal...

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Using Healthcare Analytics to Create a Competitive Advantage

by: Mark Wisniewski

Now, more than ever, healthcare providers must use data strategically to compete in a rapidly changing healthcare industry which is evolving from volume-based care to a value-based reimbursement system. Modern analytics tools combined with data integration allow providers the opportunity to deliver the highest quality of care, reduce operational costs, and maximize reimbursement. These tools include the following: Reimbursement Rate Analysis Total Cost of Care/Episodes...

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Develop a ‘What Can We Do Next’ Mentality

by: Kathleen Wark

The process for managing a project can be overwhelming to new project managers or people who are just stepping into the responsibility of managing a project without a lot of previous project management training or background. Several years ago, I attended a three-day project management course while in a management role. In this class, I received document after document after document that I was supposed...

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5 Benefits of Using the Angular JavaScript Framework

by: Matt Augsburger

Angular is Google’s second venture into a JavaScript framework and is currently on version 5.2.7. Though it shares some similarities with its predecessor, it’s been overwhelmingly rewritten and improved. Here are some quick insights into why you should consider Angular: 1. Typescript Angular is now written in TypeScript. It’s a small jump from vanilla JavaScript, and the learning curve is minimal. Functionally, adding types to...

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Delivering Value Faster with Rapid Application Development and Mendix

by: Ian Hagerman

Rapid application development is a new framework for developing applications. Instead of traditional methods of creating databases and writing 1000s of lines of code, rapid application development platforms allow users, technical and non-technical alike, to visually model and deploy applications without writing a single line of code. Mendix is the fastest and easiest-to-use rapid application development platform to create enterprise-ready mobile and web applications at...

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4 Steps for Successful Change Management

by: Mike Kroeger

Every year, endless dollars and resources are poured into large-scale organizational changes. Although rooted in the hope of growing business, increasing productivity, and ultimately driving revenue, these changes have proven to be difficult. It is estimated that over 70% of all large-scale organizational changes will fail. That means trillions of dollars are wasted every year by corporations trying to change for the better. Here is...

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