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Webinar: 5 Key Ingredients for Product Success and the Buzzwords to Avoid

About this event:

Software and data products are evolving faster than most organizations can keep up with. Whether these products are internal or commercial and B2B or B2C, organizations face the same challenge. New technologies are driving change and the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused most to either accelerate IT spend or monitor it closely.

With this new wave of adaptation, people need to be ready to take on more control of their products and communicate at a high level as executives demand more information and faster delivery. Customers are becoming more sophisticated with higher expectations, while shifting market dynamics make for a constantly moving target.

The rise of the product manager/owner is now. Here are some tips to help you and your organization on the journey to product success.

Presenter: Dustin Wuest

Dustin has over fifteen years of experience serving in software product management, strategy, analytics and sales in healthcare and personal finance. He has excellent leadership, teamwork, organization, and communication skills; proven ability in software product strategy, healthcare data management, agile team development, business analysis, and employee development. Dustin has a degree in Cognitive Science and Business from Vanderbilt University.